In order to reach our goal to help as many veterans as possible, we need the support of Community Partners. Whether you provide training and education, offer mentors and speakers for our events, have open positions suitable to qualified veterans, or provide veteran support outside of career needs, we want you to become a Community Partner with Hope For The Brave.

By being a Community Partner with us, we want to help you as well. There will be ample opportunity for you to increase awareness of your brand, increase your company's employee or member engagement, drive social responsibility and directly and positively impact the lives of over 15,000 veterans.

You can reach out to us directly at to discuss partnership details for your company.


Educational Institutions

Hope For The Brave wants to partner with four-year and community colleges that offer programs specific to the veteran community. We want to make sure that all of our Community Warriors are aware of the high-quality educational programs that may be available to them.

Whether the curriculum is for general business, vocational, or small business ownership, we want to help you get the word out about any instruction that you offer.

We would also look to our education partners to attend some of our events, sharing any program information or news with our community.


We are excited to partner with other non-profit organizations that are focused on helping veterans. At Hope For The Brave, we know that we can't help every single veteran, but we still don't ever want to turn anyone away.

We are interested in partnering with other non-profits so that we can refer or recommend veterans to your organization if their needs can't be fully met through our current programs.

We also want to be the same type of partner to you. Your organization might find yourself helping a veteran that could benefit from some of our program.s

Please reach out to us at to discuss becoming a Community Partner with us


Every business needs money. Hope For The Brave is a business.

In order to reach our goals to help as many veterans as possible, we need the support of corporations to help fund some of our programs.

Additionally, we will look to our corporate partners to encourage their employees to engage with us through individual donations, volunteering, speaking and providing mentorship.

Many corporations also have large veteran-employee populations that may benefit from our programs. By being a Community Partner with Hope For The Brave, we will provide your veteran-employees with custom programs to help them advance their careers within your organization.

Finally, when you are looking to hire veterans for your organization's open position, we want to help you find the right one from within our community.

Reach out to us at to discuss partnership opportunities for your company.