Our fundraising efforts are unique – we look to build initiatives that are fun, energetic, and different. To drive our goal of offering our programs at no cost to veterans, we plan to be a 50% self-funded organization.

Sports and entertainment are two areas that our team is significantly experienced, and we will tap into this background to deliver fundraising initiatives that may not have been done before.

All of the initiatives we've listed below will not only raise money for our organization but also increase awareness of who we are and what we offer to veterans.

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Comedy 4 Veterans

Comedy is a universal healer, and similar to everyone supporting our veterans, everyone loves to laugh.  Comedy 4 Veterans, a national comedy tour, will feature nationally known comedians that will perform at each show.  Shows will be held in different cities around the US.

Next Event:  November 2018

Round Up 4 Veterans

We want to partner with retail establishments (restaurants, bars, etc.) to offer their customers an opportunity to donate to our organization to support our veterans.  At checkout, customers will be asked if they’d like to round up to the nearest dollar amount to support veterans.

Initial Partners Announced: May 2018


Timeout 4 Veterans

This initiative allows sports teams and fans to participate with Hope For The Brave Foundation.   We will partner with teams to educate fans on the challenges faced by our veterans and to raise money to help meet some of those challenges.

Sports teams allow us to “take over” one of the timeouts during one live game/event during their season.  We will show a short video, if possible encourage fans to take out their phones, go to the H4TB website and make a $5 donation.   This is a fun and engaging way to allow fans to give back.  The teams will be associated with the goodwill and positive press related to raising money for charity.

Next Event: July 2018


Running 4 Veterans

This initiative will focus on garnering awareness for our organization with corporate sponsors as well as veterans.  Our goal will be to identify companies in North Carolina interested in sponsoring groups of veterans to run or walk in area racing events.

Once started, we will partner with one racing event per month and encourage our veteran members to stay healthy by participating, at no charge, in one of these events.  By the end of the year, we will host our first annual 5k race and this fundraising initiative will help us capture interested veterans throughout the year.

Next Event: October 2018


Arts 4 Veterans 

In partnership with the  DPAC, this initiative would allow our veteran members to attend a variety of events at DPAC at no cost to them.  By obtaining sponsors for this program, we can provide our veteran members free tickets to concerts, Broadway musicals, and comedy shows that take place at DPAC throughout the year.

Next Event: September 2018



Athletes 4 Veterans

We plan to partner with athletes from various sports in their effort to raise money for their communities. Activities will range from camps, clinics, and tournaments to support the community and raise money for Hope For The Brave Foundation.

Next Event: April 2018






Help Us Support Our Veterans

Any amount you can give will help H4TB fund our entrepreneurship programs for veterans as well as help fund our job placement services.