A veteran’s transition back into civilian life is more nuanced and more overwhelming than the average person would expect. Not only do veterans have to start new careers, adjust to new routines and new roles – veterans must find themselves again, outside of the rigorous military structure.

At Hope For The Brave Foundation, we seek to ease the stress of these transitions for our veterans. We offer a series of educational programs, networking events and more to help veterans interested in entrepreneurship gain their footing in the next phase of their life.

All our programs will be free of charge to veterans


| At Fort Bragg in NC, 1,000 veterans transition out of the military each month |

| Only 24% of veterans feel prepared for post-separation employment |

| 70% of veterans aren’t ready to transition because they need time off to figure out life |

We provide actionable learning experiences for our veterans, leading to real life-changing results over time.

Themed Networking Events

Hope For The Brave Foundation will host recurring networking events exposing veterans to area entrepreneurs and small business owners.  These events will feature entrepreneurs, investors, and experts leading discussions around career growth, career development, general networking and small business ownership.

Each event provides an opportunity for veterans to increase their knowledge in specific areas and expand their network.


Educational Training

Hope For The Brave Foundation will offer training throughout the year to support career advancement.  For veterans focused on entrepreneurship training, we will provide courses and certifications in Sales, Marketing, Business Finance, and Project Management, all critical skills required to run a small business. Additional topics, for those interested in positions outside of entrepreneurship include cyber security and computer programming with other topics being added throughout the year.

Startup Boot Camps

This boot camp will be an accelerator program to give veterans the guidance needed to validate their business ideas and provide them with the tools to take the next step as entrepreneurs.

The boot camp will offer veterans a unique opportunity to work alongside seasoned entrepreneurs while refining their business idea and creating a business plan.

This event is targeted towards those veterans who already have a business idea that needs support to move forward.  The boot camp will conclude with a pitch competition, providing veterans more exposure to the local startup community, including investors and other small business owners.

Help Us Support Our Veterans

Any amount you can give will help H4TB fund our entrepreneurship programs for veterans as well as help fund our job placement services.