The transition from military to civilian life is more nuanced and more overwhelming than the average person would expect. Not only do veterans have to start new careers, adjust their families to new routines and new roles – veterans must find themselves again, outside of the rigorous military structure.

| At Fort Bragg in NC, 1,000 veterans transition out of the military each month |

| Only 24% of veterans feel prepared for post-separation employment |

| 70% of veterans aren’t ready to transition because they need time off to figure out life |

At Hope For The Brave, we seek to ease the stress of these transitions for our veterans and their families.

For veterans interested in going back to school, we are honored to offer a Hope For The Brave Scholarship and applications will open January 1, 2019.

In 2019, in addition to our scholarship, we will offer a series certifications, educational programs and small business training to help veterans gain their footing in the next phase of their life.

All programs will be free of charge to veterans.

If you are already separated or retired from the military, you can still be a member of our community. In addition to participating in our programs, you may be in a position get involved by mentoring or speaking and helping veterans who are stepping into a phase of their life you are very familiar with.