Thank you for your service.

Now that you are planning for your transition out of the military, we are ready to share that journey with you.

Imagine where you are now, serving our country proudly, but also planning for your life after the military.  It’s like you are on one side of a bridge and your future, civilian life, is awaiting you on the other side.

If you are a transitioning veteran, who interested in starting your own business, owning a franchise, or just working for a small business, Hope For The Brave Foundation is here to accompany you across that bridge.

You can learn more about our current programs today and you can also reach out to us to recommend other programs that you feel would be useful. We are here to help and are building our network of businesses and other partners to make sure that transitioning veterans like you have all of the resources that you need as you get back into civilian life.

Join our community now and stay up to date on all of our programs and events.